Dr. Michael Gervais Featured In Under Armour’s New Documentary, Margin Of Victory

In Under Armour’s new documentary, Margin of Victory, they explore the mindsets behind some of the world’s best athletes during their preparation leading up to their next big performance: 6-time NBA All Star, 2-time NBA MVP and 3-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry, FIFA World Cup Champion and Olympian Kelley O’Hara and former Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua.

In the documentary, Compete to Create co-founder Dr. Michael Gervais provides insight into what differentiates athletes at the highest level — they reach above what’s been done before and redefine human potential on a grand scale.

“The margins between world class athletes are so razor thin; it takes intense effort and meaningful awareness to discover the keys to separation,” says Dr. Michael Gervais. “The professionals who dedicate their lives to mastery find how to unlock those marginal gains, which can mean the difference in achieving legendary, championship-worthy success. Once unlocked, those insights and skills can then be practiced by anyone who wants to get better in their own life pursuits.”

The habits, mindset principles and daily practices that enable these athletes to succeed and change the game can be applied to anyone in their own lives, in their own way, to perform at their best.

Living a disciplined life in pursuit of one’s best is not just reserved for those who are born with a natural talent or physical gifts. Regardless of the sport or environment, the mindset principles explored here remain the same. The model set by these athletes in their arena are applicable to every person in their journey to explore what’s possible.


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