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Unlock the conditions for your teams to thrive.

We help organizations develop high-performing teams and purpose-driven cultures by unlocking the power of their people.

The pressure to win is intense.

It can drive us to over-stretch our teams — creating anxiety, frustration and burnout. How many times have you felt like you’ve had to sacrifice your team’s wellbeing for results? You’re not alone.

The modern workforce is no longer sacrificing their personal life and relationships at the altar of bottom-line driven results.

The organizations that sustain high performance understand the required psychological capabilities to thrive in high-speed, high-pressure, and agile environments. Understanding how to weave the psychology of wellbeing and high performance is crucial to developing an organization where both people—and profits—thrive.

Organizational health and employee wellbeing are inextricably linked.

Understanding how wellbeing and performance can be woven together isn’t easy.

Mastering the tension between performance — how the organization delivers on results, and health — how an organization’s culture supports the pursuit of those results, is both a science and an art. Mastering this tension is the only path to building a sustainable environment for hybrid work.

In this new world of hybrid work, you and your organization will need to:

We are here to help.

At Finding Mastery, we’ve worked inside world-renowned companies, applying high-performance and wellbeing strategies into the context of their organizations to achieve incredible results.

Because when leaders understand the psychology of unlocking human potential—their teams become more agile, efficient, present, healthy, and connected. The stage is then set for the entire organization to flourish in the same way.

Clients we’ve worked with include:

Some of the most common mistakes of modern leadership:


Treating culture separate from strategy


Mistaking a human-led approach for lacking seriousness


Focusing on winning versus how you operate to win


Misapplying a culture playbook from a different organization


Misplaced fear about how long it will take to realize tangible culture benefits


Fire-fighting the status quo

The Future of Work

The answer to the greatest leadership and business challenges today is a human-centric approach that optimizes performance and purpose without sacrificing well-being.

In future business environments defined by complexity, change, and unpredictable macro forces — leaders who are grounded in their purpose and operating at their highest potential will lead their organization to thrive.

Lasting business excellence will be built by leaders who invest in their own psychology and the psychology of their people — because people are looking for a culture where they can flourish, feel fulfilled, and experience the value of their contributions to the whole.

In order to lead a team well, you have to have the discipline and commitment to leading yourself.

What We Do

Finding Mastery works with leaders and teams so they can understand and apply the psychology of high-performance and wellbeing within themselves and across the organization.

Our integrated work focus on these 3 pillars:


We believe in a human-first approach, where leaders are invested in bringing their whole being into work—and, where leaders invest in every individual’s journey to live with purpose and work toward their upper capabilities.

Inside Out

Leaders can build a culture that creates high-performing teams by creating the conditions where people feel supported, valued, and challenged to be their best. This work starts with the leader and creates personal accountability.


Our science-informed solutions are based on our unique access working with the world’s top performers who operate in the most intense, high-pressure environments and bringing these advanced psychological learnings to your organization.

The world of work has changed and you can’t solve the greatest business challenges alone.

Who We Are

Finding Mastery was founded by Dr. Michael Gervais—one of the world’s top high-performance psychologists who has worked with leadership teams in Fortune 10 companies, Olympic gold medalists, Super Bowl winning NFL franchises, and the best-of-the-best in the worlds of business, sport, the arts, and science.

With a team of high-performance psychologists, business strategists, leadership consultants, and Olympian mindset coaches, Finding Mastery helps innovative companies and leaders solve the most dynamic and complex human-performance challenges.

Work With Us

When working with Finding Mastery, you’re making an investment in your entire human ecosystem. We represent a human-first, science-backed model that focuses on each individual’s journey—starting with leadership and moving out to the whole organization.

Our expert trainers and consultants come in to help you create culture and leadership shifts through science-informed frameworks, training, support, and coaching.

Our strategic offerings come from a foundation in psychological and mental skills training in the arenas of:

Individual Leadership

Cultural Transformation

Organizational Performance

We understand the complexities of operating at scale and believe our embedded approach gives us the ability to help you operationalize these ideas into the rhythm of your business. 

Our team will be right there with you as we help you create the conditions for agility, wellbeing, and high-performance across your organization.

Transform your entire work experience — from leadership to team, employee to culture.

The greatest coaches don’t leave the psychology of their athletes up to chance.

The greatest leaders don’t leave the psychology of their teams and employees up to chance.

You must fold a high-performance psychology into the rhythm of the business to meet the demands of the business.

Ready to unlock the potential of your organization?

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