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Apollo Neuro is a groundbreaking wearable technology designed to enhance sleep, relaxation, energy, and focus.

Unlike traditional wearables that simply track your biometrics, Apollo actively improves your health by strengthening your nervous system over time.

Developed by neuroscientists and physicians, the Apollo wearable delivers soothing, gentle waves of vibration that rebalance your nervous system – helping you feel safe, relaxed, and in control of your stress levels.

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Cuzen Matcha is 100% Organic, sourced directly from Japanese tea farms, and is ground in real time using their Matcha Maker, which is like an espresso machine but for Matcha.

By grinding whole tea leaves into matcha powder fresh before every cup, you get the maximum aroma, flavor and health benefits that matcha has to offer.

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BON CHARGE is a holistic wellness brand with an extensive range of evidence-based products to optimize your life — all grounded in science and designed to help you sleep, perform, and recover better.

My favorite product from BON CHARGE is their Infrared Sauna Blanket. It’s a great way to reset, unwind, and get your heart rate up all at the same time.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add the various benefits of high-quality heat therapy to your routine, check out the Infrared Sauna Blanket by BON CHARGE.

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Advertiser Partner Page - AG1

AG1 is the Most Complete Supplement for a better you. With 75 ingredients covering 11 areas of health, it gives you the optimum nutrition you need to perform your best, everyday.

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy levels, support your immune system or address gut health, now’s the perfect time to try AG1 for yourself.

Visit for an exclusive offer – when you purchase their greens powder, they are now including up to a year’s supply of Vitamin D3/K2 for free and 5 free travel packs.

Advertiser Partner Page - Bearaby

Bearaby is a sustainable home wellness brand on a mission to create a calmer, more comfortable world.

I’ve been loving Bearaby’s “Cotton Napper” knitted weighted blanket – it looks great in our home, and we’re also getting the benefits of a weighted blanket for improved sleep, reduced stress, and increased relaxation.

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Advertiser Partner Page - BiOptimizers

Ever since adding Magnesium Breakthrough by BiOptimizers to my routine, I’ve noticed improved sleep and an overall boost in my energy levels with a noticeable sense of vitality.

Most magnesium supplements you’ll find in health stores use only the two cheapest synthetic forms — but with BiOptimizers, you get all 7 unique forms of magnesium, so you can experience the full calming, stress-relieving effects.

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Joovv isolates these red and near-infrared wavelengths of light and deliver them directly to your skin and cells, in the comfort of your own home, with none of the potential downsides of sunlight, like skin damage.

Red and near-infrared light stimulate the mitochondria in your cells, help you produce more core energy to boosts performance and recovery and supports mental acuity, better sleep, and healthy skin.

To learn more and get an exclusive discount, head to

Advertiser Partner Page - Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel is a cold therapy tool that offers an easy way to bring ice baths to the convenience of your home.

Cold exposure is essential to athletic recovery and performance as it’s proven to significantly reduce muscle soreness and pain, improve blood flow, improve heart rate variability, and improve muscle endurance.

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Advertiser Partner Page - AquaTru

AquaTru purifiers use a 4-stage reverse osmosis purification process, and their countertop purifiers remove 15x more contaminants than ordinary pitcher filters.

Plus, the filters are affordable and long-lasting – just one set of filters from their classic purifier makes the equivalent of 4,500 bottles of water. That adds up to less than 3 cents a bottle.

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Levels helps you see how the food you eat affects your health by giving you real-time feedback on your nutrition using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

Poor glucose control is associated with a number of chronic conditions: not just diabetes, but Alzheimer’s, heart disease, stroke, and more. It also affects your day-to-day energy levels, ability to control weight and even sexual function.

Take control of your metabolic health today. Visit to receive a special offer on your Levels membership.

Advertiser Partner Page - PaleoValley

Paleovalley’s mission is to help people reclaim vibrant health. They provide products that prioritize nutrient density in an industry that prioritizes everything else.

I’ve been loving their Superfood Bars — made with 10 powerful superfoods, you can be confident you’re getting a diverse spectrum of nutrients and enzymes in each bar

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If you are taking a nutritional supplement, it’s critical to be sure they are of the very highest quality.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Thorne – I’ve been using their products for over a decade, and they have an unparalleled commitment to quality throughout the entire manufacturing process – as well as a huge selection of supplements for brain health, gut health, and overall health.

To see the full list of the nutritional supplements I take and recommend, and also get 20% off, head to this link and create an account today.

Advertiser Partner Page - Manta Sleep

Manta Sleep makes the best and most comfortable sleep masks on the market.

I’ve been using a Manta Sleep mask for about 5 years now and it’s been a game changer for my sleep -they found a way to create this contoured design so there’s no pressure on your eyes. I take mine everywhere I go.

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Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is a plant-based prebiotic and probiotic with 24 strains that have been clinically-or-scientifically studied for its benefits – a few of which include promoting digestive health, skin health, heart health, and gut immune function.

To try Seed for yourself, visit and use code FINDINGMASTERY to redeem 30% off your first month of Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic.

Advertiser Partner Page - Duo

Duo is changing the game when it comes to toothpaste – created by dentists, Duo makes the only naturally whitening, earth-friendly tablet toothpaste that is infused with vitamins and supplements.

Duo offers innovative formulas for Energy (which has vitamin B12 and a small dose of caffeine), Immunity (Vitamin D), and Sleep (which includes melatonin and L-theanine). You can get all this just by brushing your teeth.

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Advertiser Partner Page - House of Macadamias

House of Macadamias sources the highest quality macadamia nuts from over 90 farms in South Africa – and delivers them right to your doorstep in formats and prices that you’ll love.

House of Macadamias has an amazing range of products with no added sugar or artificial ingredients, from hand sorted nuts with savory, all-natural flavors or even dipped in sugar-free chocolate, to macadamia bars which are delicious, nutritious and consist of 45% macadamia nuts, to smooth and creamy nut butters.

Use code FINDINGMASTERY for 20% off your order and, for a limited time, they’re gifting our listeners a free box of their best-selling Namibian Sea Salted Macadamia Nuts when you visit this link 

Advertiser Partner Page - Indeed

Indeed is the hiring platform where you can Attract, Interview, and Hire all in one place.

Instead of spending HOURS on multiple job sites searching for the right candidates, Indeed can help you find great talent faster through time-saving tools like Indeed Instant Match, Assessments, and Virtual Interviews.

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