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415: How to Manage Your Thoughts, Stay Present & Let Go of People Pleasing | AMA Vol. 13

Welcome to the 13th installment of our Ask Me Anything (AMA) series! The goal behind this series – behind these conversations – is to answer your questions and explore the topics that come up for you on your own journey to becoming your best self.

The goal is to expand on the themes, lessons, and best-practices we’ve discussed on the Finding Mastery podcast in order to make them even more applicable to your own life. 

We’re stoked about all the excellent questions we received for this 13th AMA. Our co-host, O’Neil Cespedes, is back again to make sure we keep it real as we navigate the rich landscape of your questions.

In this episode, we dive deep into:

  • Gift-giving and thoughts around the holiday season
  • Best practices for managing unproductive thoughts
  • Why it’s important to square up with pain and suffering
  • The connection between quality sleep and being your best
  • How to develop your “It Factor” (no, it’s not genetic!)
  • Why people-pleasing may be harming your well-being
  • And so much more…

Check out the full conversation on YouTube, or tune into the audio version on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

“Practice being completely absorbed in this moment. It becomes a massive unlock for joy and happiness, performance, wisdom and insight.”

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