Dr. Michael Gervais

433: Who Are You, Really? Identity, Codependency & Inner Dragons | AMA Vol. 16

Welcome to Volume 16 of Finding Mastery’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) series. The purpose behind these conversations – behind these AMAs – is to hear from you… to explore the topics and questions that you have been wrestling with on your path to becoming.

It is your insights and questions that fuel these epic conversations – so thank you again for all the thoughtfulness, honesty, and trust you put into these questions. Keep ‘em coming!

Our co-host, O’Neil Cespedes, is back to guide us through another fun and insightful discussion.

In this conversation, we explore a variety of compelling themes like:

  • Infusing joy into the mundane aspects of life.
  • Understanding People Pleasing and Codependency
  • How to remain true to oneself while navigating societal pressures
  • What makes a strong support system
  • Embodying the “Noble Warrior”
  • Balancing strength with kindness and vulnerability.
  • And so much more… 

I hope you walk away with some insights about how to navigate life’s challenges with grace, strength, and authenticity… and how to find joy just a little more often.Catch the full conversation on YouTube, or tune into the audio version on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform. And don’t forget, we’re always eager to hear from you – reply to this email with any feedback or questions for future AMAs.

“Identity is not what you do, but rather who you are.”

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