Dr. Michael Gervais

438: The Inner Workings of Motivation, Optimism, and Leadership | AMA Vol. 17

We’re thrilled to bring you the 17th volume of Finding Mastery’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) series. This edition dives deep into the essence of motivation, leadership, and the art of creating a positive work environment, all while emphasizing the crucial importance of self-understanding and authenticity.

Joining us – as always – is our insightful co-host, O’Neil Cespedes, ready to unravel another set of thought-provoking topics and questions… 

In today’s conversation, we explore:

  • The inner workings of motivation 
  • How to foster environments of growth through competence, autonomy, and relationships.
  • The nuanced art of leadership
  • The power of optimism and how to train it in the face of adversity
  • Navigating the delicate balance between image and individuality
  • And so much more…

Our hope is that this dialogue is more than just an exchange of ideas; that it can create some unlocks, inspiration, and guideposts for those looking to lead with integrity, embrace their true selves, and lean into a life of exploring potential and flourishing. 

Tune in on YouTube, or listen to the audio version on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

As always, we’re eager to hear your thoughts and answer your questions in future AMAs– so feel free to reach out to info@findingmastery.com with any burning questions.

“A modern leader understands the application of good psychology.”

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