Amelia Boone

437: Overcome Your Greatest Obstacles – Lessons on Grit, Grace, and Mental Health | World Champion Obstacle Racer

How do you navigate the uncertain terrain of your life? Does uncertainty fuel your drive, or does it bring anxiety that hinders your progress?

Our guest today, Amelia Boone, is not only a four-time obstacle race world champion with three World’s Toughest Mudder wins and dubbed “The Queen of Pain”  – she also excels as a full-time attorney for a multinational corporation.

And, she’s accomplished all this while grappling with not one, but two, lifelong mental health diagnoses — OCD and an eating disorder. Amelia credits a hard-won ability to embrace uncertainty with helping her navigate the extreme mental and physical demands of her chosen life pursuits.

Her story is a testament to the resilience we all require for facing life’s mental and emotional hurdles. Through her eyes, we see the interconnectedness of physical endurance and mental toughness, and how fostering self-awareness, leading with vulnerability, and relentlessly pursuing personal growth in every aspect of life builds a foundation for success.

This conversation is a powerful blend of grit, grace, and introspection that will resonate with anyone striving to level up – it serves as a reminder that we can shape our lives in any way we want, from the inside out. I can’t wait for you to learn from Amelia’s insights.

“Celebration to me is embracing all parts of myself. The parts that I thought made me difficult or the parts that maybe I thought people didn’t like about me, but realizing that that’s what makes me unique and I don’t want to beat those parts out of myself anymore.”

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