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Andrew McAfee

418: What Corporate Cultures Are Getting Wrong (And How to Fix It)

What can we learn about success from the phenomenal growth of digital technology and the extraordinary achievements of Silicon Valley teams?

And almost more importantly, what can we learn from the shell-shocking failures of some other seemingly great businesses?

Today’s guest has been researching the digital transformation of businesses for three decades, and he’s landed on some fascinating— and extremely practical— conclusions.

In this episode, I’m thrilled to have Andrew McAfee join us for a deep dive into cultures of innovation— environments where risks are not just taken but embraced, where failures are seen as pivotal learning opportunities, and where the status quo is openly challenged.

Andrew is not only a principal research scientist at MIT but also a visionary thinker and a best-selling author. His latest work, ‘The Geek Way,’ is providing a framework to help teams work well in our rapidly changing business landscape – where success means more than profits and market share.

Andrew has identified four pillars of ‘the geek way’: science, speed, ownership, and openness. 

The beauty of the geek way is it’s not confined to the boardroom or the tech lab. This approach can have profound implications for all of us, in every aspect of our lives.

Whether you’re in business, sports, arts, or really any field, Andrew has some fascinating insights, frameworks, and tools that I think you’ll find helpful on your personal and professional journeys. 

I’m excited for what we can learn together as we dive into this week’s conversation with Andrew McAfee.

“Being masterful at relationships is required for the now-generation of leaders to be great.”

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