To date, the Finding Mastery Podcast has been running for 8 years and for over 400 episodes. In that time, we’ve gained extraordinary insights and timeless wisdom from some of the top thinkers and doers in the world. We’ve learned about what makes them tick, how they organize their inner lives, the mental skills they use to excel, and some of their favorite habits and practices that allow them to keep performing at the tip of the arrow. 

While we have come to realize that there is no singular “golden thread” to how the best in the world operate – we’ve noticed some common themes, skills, and insights that many of these people have utilized on their path to mastery. 

And that’s why we’re so thrilled to bring you the all new Best Of Finding Mastery series. In each episode, we’ll take a deep dive into a specific skill or topic – pulling together the best insights and gems from years of interviews with the best in the world. These are tools and insights that have stood the test of time. 

For this inaugural episode, we’re highlighting conversations with a remarkable group of leaders who’ve made a game-changing impact leading high performing teams in the worlds of sports, branding, technology, retail, business and the military. You’ll hear from game-changers across industry like Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO), Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks Head Coach), Jan Singer (former Victoria’s Secret & J.Crew CEO), Toto Wolff (Mercedes Benz F1 CEO), Julie Rice (Co-Founder of SoulCycle), and more. 

Though each of these individuals comes at leadership with unique personal philosophies, core values, and historical experiences, you’ll hear quite a bit of overlap when it comes to their central drivers for success in building high performing teams. 

Now, we could have cut this episode a dozen different ways — we’ve had so many incredible leaders on this podcast, it was nearly impossible to choose which conversations to highlight. So, let us know if you like this format and what subjects interest you. There’s plenty more to choose from for a volume two, three and beyond. 

And with that, we hope you enjoy the first installment of our Best Of series on high-performing teams.

“Having an authentic understanding of the members on a team and leveraging that knowledge in caring ways not only enriches each individual’s experience but brings forth their best qualities, their highest efforts.”

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