One of the accelerants to growth is surrounding ourselves with people that have insight…..another accelerant is going down the path of developing insight within yourself.

Dave Phillips has done, and is doing, both of those.

He has devoted the past 25 years to becoming a world-class coach. He is one of the most sought after golf instructors in the country and is rated one of the Top 100 Teachers in the country by Golf Magazine.

Dave is located in Oceanside, California and is the cofounder of the Titleist Performance Institute, where he and Dr. Greg Rose have developed the ultimate golf experience combining Titleist’s fitting expertise with the physical attributes of your body and swing technique to help you achieve your golf specific goals.

Utilizing his expertise in computerized swing analysis and biomechanics, Dave has developed a very understandable and workable teaching approach that utilizes his computer background to create a clear picture of what happens in the golf swing. Dave has worked with PGA Tour players Hal Sutton, Tom Kite, Peter Jacobsen, Brad Faxon and many more to help them gain a better understanding of their golf swing.

Born in England and raised in Africa and Australia, Dave has had the unique experience of playing competitively all over the world. He has been featured many times on The Golf Channel and in a variety of Golf and Sports publications.

“Mastery is having a great self-awareness. It’s being able to perform or put yourself out there without fear of failure.”

In This Episode:

  • Coming to America at a young age and quickly getting a passion for golf
  • How he was able to fit in as the new kid all the time
  • Finding the best people and building TPI
  •  Approach to teaching golf
  • Defining what a high performance coach is
  • Describing one of his main guiding philosophies
  • The biggest cost pursuing his way of living
  • How he helps people be bold and stand up to try something they normally wouldn’t
  • One phrase that guides his life
  • The thing he’s most hungry for
  • His ideal competitive mindset
  • The most important mental skills in golf
  • Defining mastery

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