Gary DeBlasio

447: A Conversation With The Mentor Who Changed My Life

Today we have a very special conversation.

As we chart our path through life, there are those rare anchors that help to hold us steady and also point us to new horizons. In this special conversation, I have the privilege of introducing you to my mentor and someone who has been a guiding force in the lives of countless individuals across a spectrum of industries for over forty years. 

Gary DeBlasio has this incredible knack for unlocking potential in people. It’s incredible how he does it. And he’s been doing it with leaders in aerospace, healthcare, elite sports and academia for decades. 

Gary’s wisdom is earnestly earned. I’ve had an upfront seat on how he works – the alone, internal work that he’s done for himself, is one of the greatest investments he’s provided to his larger community. He is a bellwether for me. His approach to mentorship—being both a teacher and a student, listening deeply to one’s inner voice, and fostering a connection with something greater—has profoundly shaped my own path.

Today, we dive deep into the heart of our relationship, exploring the transformative power of being seen and nurtured. Gary opens up about his philosophy on life transitions, the challenges of the next generation, and the critical role of recovery and creating safe spaces for oneself and for others.

“We are all teachers and we are all students – all of the time.”

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