This conversation is with UC Berkeley rugby coach Jack Clark on team, culture, honesty.

Jack is the iconic rugby coach at the University of California. His team-building abilities are considered legendary within university circles and throughout the corporate sector.

Since becoming head coach of the Golden Bears in 1984, Clark has led the rugby program to 29 national collegiate championships.

In 2000, Clark was chosen as one of Cal’s Ten Most Influential Sports Figures of the 20th Century.

Not only has Jack sustained an improbable level of success for nearly 3 decades, but he’s not the slightest bit sick of what he does.

In Jack’s words, “I really wouldn’t trade jobs with anyone. I mean anyone.”

Jack has so much to share in this conversation.

Everything from how he brings out the best in his players to how he scales culture to why his players are getting their unofficial PHD in team.

This is a phenomenal conversation and you may have to listen to it multiple times to truly soak up all of Jack’s insights.

“I’d like to believe our players are getting their unofficial PHD in team.”


In This Episode:

  • How he became attracted to sport from an early age
  • The difference between a sports team vs. a family
  • Why high performance teams are highly conditional
  • His favorite coaches growing up: those that valued relationships and gave constant feedback
  • The key to bringing out the best in his players: focusing on their strengths
  • The 70/30 Rule for focusing on strengths/weaknesses
  • The necessary discipline required for optimism
  • How he creates a strong culture for his players to excel in
  • Why meritocracy is an important belief for his team
  • His method for rewarding mental toughness
  • What he’s searching for
  • The uniqueness of a team setting in sport
  • Getting shot 5 times and how he turned it into a positive
  • What he would ask another master
  • Honest as the word that guides him
  • Why he doesn’t get sick of coaching after 27 years
  • Scaling culture
  • Are there such things as big games?


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