This week’s conversation is with John Brenkus, who has spent the last decade studying and popularizing the unique characteristics of the world’s greatest athletes.

A co-founder of BASE Productions, he is best known as the on-air host, co-creator and executive producer of ESPN’s Emmy Award-winning show Sport Science, appearing in and producing over 1500 segments that have been featured on ABC and ESPN’s enormous sports platform.

John has been featured in coverage of The Super Bowl, Monday Night Football, the NBA Finals, Sunday Night Baseball, and The Masters just to name a few.

Through Sport Science, John has appeared before 80 million people annually for the last decade, has won 6 Emmys, and has written a New York Times Best Seller “The Perfection Point.”

When John has an idea he goes for it.

It makes sense then, that his philosophy is to: “Make something out of nothing.”

In this conversation we discuss what gives him the confidence to go for it and not let a fear of failure get in the way of pursuing his dreams.

“Life is a blank canvas and I’m going to make something out of nothing.”

In This Episode:

  • Approaching each day with positive energy and working to avoid thoughts loops containing negative thoughts
  • How he came up with the idea to fuse sports and science into a television program
  • What stands out to him about the best athletes in the world
  • Don’t get hung up on the numbers: Why the best running backs aren’t necessarily the fastest or the strongest
  • Proving the doubters wrong: how being called delusional by a potential investor fueled his fire
  • Why he doesn’t consider being “stubborn” a bad thing
  • How something you create goes from good to great
  • What allows him to “go for it”
  • His family structure growing up and how that shaped him
  • The first steps he took to pursue his dreams of being in entertainment
  • The moment that changed how he sees the world
  • Balancing confidence vs. hubris
  • How his wife and kids have changed his priorities
  • The future trends he sees for the NFL and NBA
  • The two things that stand out to him about elite athletes that come through his lab: Self-belief and calm
  • His thoughts on mastery

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