John Mackey

451: Love as a Leadership Strategy: Insights from Whole Foods Co-Founder

Can profitable businesses change the world for good?

John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods Market, has proven the answer is a resounding YES… for the last four decades

John grew a single ‘hippy grocery store’ in Austin, Texas, into a global chain with $22 billion in annual sales and 540 locations worldwide.

And he did it all with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, showing us all what’s possible when entrepreneurs embrace positive values and transformative leadership.

His pioneering and widely influential books, Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Leadership, serve as blueprints for integrating ethical values into successful businesses.

And his most recent book, The Whole Story: Adventures in Love, Life, and Capitalism, gives us an intimate look inside the personal and spiritual journeys that fueled his groundbreaking approach.

In this conversation, John shares insights from his personal transformation—from spirituality to psychedelics – along with the milestones of his experience with Whole Foods. 

We dig into the ethos that drove the company’s growth while he was at its helm, and his ongoing passionate advocacy for a corporate model that benefits both people and the planet.

Get ready to be inspired by a visionary who continues to help us all think differently about our responsibility towards each other and the world.

“Go out and create a better world. You can do it. Jump in.”

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