A contemporary composer & innovator, Kai Kight has a diverse background that has been fueled by creating and making.

He holds an engineering degree from Stanford University’s d. school where he was introduced to the innovative culture of silicon valley. As a Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow and Mayfield Fellow, Kai got an early start in entrepreneurship.

Kai began playing the violin when he was 3 years old, was classically trained and studied under the concertmaster of Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra. His music has brought him to perform in venues such as the White House to the Great Wall of China.

Today Kai composes his own music using an innovative style on the violin which blends classical technique with rhythms and textures from popular genres such as hip hop and jazz. His favorite composer is Bach, because of soul riveting harmony and improvisational rhythms.

Kai is a native of the Washington, DC area and currently resides in Los Angeles.

“Intention – anything I do, I ask myself the question, ‘Why am I doing this?'”

In This Episode:

  • How your identify affects how well you do on an exposed stage
  • Allowing yourself to be comfortable with not having the answers
  • Defining curiosity
  • Why he uses his self-created sunset principle
  • Benefits of releasing your internal voices and meditation
  • Dealing with your inner critic
  • Defining grit
  • Sharing the emotional experience while performing
  • Becoming familiar with uncomfortable situations
  • Where pressure comes from


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