Dr. Kapil Parakh

419: Optimize Your Health with Wearables – Insights on The Future of Healthcare | Google’s Senior Medical Lead

Where are wearables leading us? In the dynamic, fast-paced world of health technology, what does the future hold? What possibilities can we unlock? How can we leverage the power of wearables to transcend mere physical tracking and genuinely enhance our psychological well-being?

These questions form the perfect springboard for our conversation with Dr. Kapil Parakh, a renowned cardiologist and the Senior Medical Lead at Google. Kapil is more than a doctor, he’s a leader in the wearable movement with keen insight into current trends and future directions.

Raised in Zambia and educated at Johns Hopkins, Kapil’s diverse background infuses Silicon Valley innovations with the deep empathy of human-centered medicine. His trailblazing work is redefining healthcare and guiding us toward a healthier, more informed future.

Kapil’s forward-thinking approach spans multiple domains, and his impressive body of work includes the book, Searching for Health: The Smart Way to Find Health Information Online and Put It to Use. It’s a practical guide for navigating the complexities of today’s healthcare landscape.

At his core, Dr. Kapil Parakh is dedicated to empowering as many people as possible. His initiatives have already impacted over a billion lives, and he’s just getting started.

Join us in this insightful, forward-looking conversation, where Kapil shares his personal perspectives and insights on the transformative potential of wearable tech. He invites us to look beyond the basic functions of fitness trackers and embrace technology as a partner in achieving optimal health and peak performance.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Practical strategies for integrating wearable tech into foundational health practices
  • Grounded insights from the latest advancements in wearable technology
  • Strategies for mastering personal health through technology and self-awareness
  • How informed health decisions can be shaped by data from wearable devices
  • A visionary outlook on wearables’ role in healthcare and chronic disease management
  • The potential of wearable tech to enhance psychological health
  • An innovative approach to career decision-making that leverages linear opportunities for expansive growth and risk mitigation
  •  And much more…

Whether you’re a passionate tech enthusiast, a health professional, or simply looking to level up your wellbeing, Kapil’s insights promise to elevate your perception of what’s possible with wearables, and empower you to make informed decisions that resonate with your body’s own unique needs.

“We’re in a very exciting time… Wearables have come a long way from just tracking steps to tracking a whole bunch of variables. The frontier that we’re at now is how to integrate them into the rest of the health system.”

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Discount Code for Dr. Kapil Parakh’s Book, Searching for Health

Finding Mastery Podcast listeners may use the discount code HTWN to receive a 30% discount on Searching for Health:The Smart Way to Find Health Information Online and Put It to Use, when purchased through the John’s Hopkins Press website.

American Heart Association Essential 8’s for Heart Health

American Heart Association (AHA) Life’s Essential Eight

AHA Life’s Essential Eight PDF

Risk-Benefit Chart for Medical Decision Making

This chart can help you make informed medical decisions. It’s featured in Dr. Kapil Parakh’s book, Searching for Health and is available for free download.

A Resource for Employers

If you’re an employers or payer looking to improve the health of a population with wearables, learn more at https://healthsolutions.fitbit.com

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