This week’s podcast is with Kaskade, a Multi GRAMMY Award-nominated musician who has been a groundbreaking innovator in the dance music world, and a titan in the music industry as a whole.

While bridging the gap between old school music purists and a new generation of music lovers, he marries genres and twists labels to stay true to his roots while pushing the boundaries of what’s next.

Relentlessly touring the world and playing to millions of people around the globe, Kaskade has been in the trenches for over a decade.

His handwriting can be read all over the history of electronic music while his influence maintains an all-time high.

Over the past few years I’ve had the fortune of getting to have so many incredible conversations on this podcast.

What stands out in this conversation is the challenges of being an artist.

The challenge of creating work that comes from a place of authenticity, that is true to who you are, while at the same time wanting to reach as many people as possible and make a living.

We talk about innovation and how he balances fans wanting to hear him plays his hits vs. keeping it fresh and playing new music.

We also discuss how he manages anxiety when it comes to performing and the demands of touring.

For those who are unfamiliar with his music – definitely go check it out!

“When I feel uncomfortable that’s a fun thing, it’s what keeps me motivated and keeps me going in this space.”

In This Episode:

  • Does he like the unpredictable, the unknown?
  • Balancing fans wanting to hear him plays his hits vs. keeping it fresh and playing new music
  • The way in which the art of DJing has changed over the years
  • How he manages anxiety when it comes to performing and beyond
  • His method for putting together a show set
  • Experiencing flow and how it turned him into a adrenaline junkie
  • What he’s most hungry for: having more people get to experience his music while remaining true to himself
  • The conundrum artists face in “selling out”
  • How he fights the fear of other people’s opinions
  • Why fame and fortune can destroy you
  • How he gets in his own way
  • What mastery means to him

Best of playlist:


  • Sun Soaked: Kaskade’s upcoming show in Long Beach this July
  • Chicago house: The music Kaskade grew up listening to as a kid in Chicago

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