This week’s conversation is with Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, a former university professor and researcher who now designs curriculum for Precision Nutrition.

She focuses on helping people make meaningful change through the Precision Nutrition Coaching and coaching Certification programs.

Krista is also the author or co-author of several books, with the latest being Why Me Want Eat: Fixing Your Food Fuckedupitude.

Krista likes to think of nutrition coaching as this pathway into a larger life project of being a human being, so while Krista’s expertise may lie in nutrition, this conversation is about so much more than that.

It’s about the essence of becoming… how she came to better understand herself through her own journey and why she now is focused on helping others do the same.

Krista believes it all centers around the stories we tell ourselves.

In her words, “The mind is a jail built out of bullshit. I’ve seen the pain that stories can cause. If you look around you and you think about the people in your life or even the things that happen in the world, you can see that so many things occur because people are deep in their stories, and don’t realize that they are stories.”

I couldn’t agree more and I think you’ll be amazed at Krista’s insights and perspective on what really matters in life.

“For me, one of the games of coaching and curriculum and mastery of coaching is asking myself, ‘What is the one question that I can ask someone or the one tiny task that I can have them do that will stimulate growth?’ That’s the game.”

In This Episode:

  • Why focusing on your nutrition is so much more than a certain calorie intake or some precise formula
  • The essence of becoming: how she came to understand what that journey is
  • Experiencing anxiousness in the early part of her life and how that shaped the person she is today
  • Resilience…. it’s not just about the person climbing a mountain, the person who overcomes anxiety in everyday life is just as resilient
  • Why she felt like she had to hide during her early upbringing and what she was craving: unconditional acceptance
  • How she’s shaped her coaching model
  • Her thoughts on different types of diets out there and why there’s always a sacrifice/tradeoff that comes with each
  • Why the optimal diet is about consistency, not about getting it perfect
  • How to decipher which foods are ok sometimes and which should not be a part of your diet
  • Her philosophy… don’t let the mind tell your story
  • How she gets in her own way and what she’s doing to improve in that area
  • Why she’d rather observe a master of craft in action than ask them anything specific about their understanding of mastery
  • Her definition of mastery
  • How she defines success
  • The issue with putting a label on who you are
  • Where the best lessons are found: paying attention to everyday life

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