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422: Lessons From A Life Of Purpose and Compassion | CNN Hero Of The Year, “The Street Vet”

Today’s podcast is a really special one, as we have on CNN’s 2023 Hero of the Year, Dr. Kwane Stewart, a.k.a. “The Street Vet.” Kwane is a veterinarian who provides free veterinary care for the animals society often forgets—the pets of people living without homes.

In this heartfelt conversation, Kwane demonstrates the courage it takes to explore the messy edges of emotion, and he opens up about how honoring his feelings propelled him to take life-changing actions. Kwane’s story isn’t just about animal care; it’s a profound narrative on finding purpose, losing sight of it, then finding it again… on a sidewalk outside a Seven-Eleven.

After graduating from Colorado State University’s veterinary program, Kwane spent more than two decades in various veterinary roles. From radically reducing euthanasia rates at a municipal animal shelter to safeguarding animal welfare in the entertainment industry as a consultant for Netflix, his career has been studded by impactful achievements.

But it’s his current endeavor as co-founder of Project Street Vet that’s capturing hearts and minds around the world. This initiative provides free veterinary care to pets of the unhoused. In essence, he’s creating a movement of care and compassion. 

In this episode, Kwane walks us through his transformative journey, sharing moving stories of hope, sacrifice, and the human-animal bond. Our conversation also touches on the heavy emotional toll of working in animal shelters, and how Kwane navigated his own mental health challenges. His journey is a testament to the resilience found in living a life of purpose.

You don’t have to be an animal lover to find Dr. Kwane Stewart’s story a compelling exploration of compassion, resilience, and the impact one person can make.

You’re invited to learn more about Project Street Vet.

“Success is found in happiness, not the other way around.”

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