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Lisa McCaffrey

431: Live From the Super Bowl – Christian McCaffrey’s Mom on Love, Parenting, and Purpose

In this special LIVE episode recorded at Radio Row in Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58, we had the privilege of sitting down with Lisa McCaffrey, the mother of 49ers star running back, Christian McCaffrey.

Despite Christian’s status as one of – if not THE – best running backs in the NFL, and his 2023 Offensive Player of the Year Award, Lisa’s excitement and nerves during this Super Bowl week are palpable.

Now, the McCaffrey family boasts an impressive athletic history, with Lisa playing college soccer at Stanford University, her husband Ed winning three Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos, and her father earning a silver medal in the Olympics. All four of Lisa’s sons have played collegiate football as well. I mean… talk about a formula!

I loved this conversation. We get an exclusive look into the universal theme of parental emotions, capturing the essence of any parent watching their child pursue a passion

Lisa shares insights on love, support, purpose, and genuine excitement for her family, making for an inspiring and relatable discussion – for sports enthusiasts, football fans, anyone interested in family dynamics, and parents who can relate to the emotions of watching their children chase their dreams.

With that, live from Las Vegas on the eve of Super Bowl 58, enjoy jumping into the world of a nervous, excited and loving mother, Lisa McCaffrey.

“Whatever it is, even if it’s out of your comfort zone and they’re passionate about something you’re not comfortable with, nurture that. Support them. Give them every chance to make it in whatever it is.”

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