Max Baumann is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of The Chill Group, Inc., makers of JUST CHILL® beverages as well as the Founder & President of BASEMAKERS, LLC, an outsourced sales management company in the food and beverage industry.

He was selected by the president of Venturing and Emerging brands at The Coca Cola company to be a member of the inaugural Founders’ Forum, an entrepreneurial council for promising companies who have the potential to shape a next generation product. Baumann was also featured in LA Business Journal’s ‘20 in their 20s’ and also featured on the TODAY show, Wall Street Journal, Hemisphere’s magazine, Business Insider, CNN, and among others

He resides Marina Del Rey, California and in his spare time, you can find him surfing along the pacific coast. Baumann received his CPD in General Management from Wharton’s Executive Education program in April 2014 and is a current fellow of the Wharton Fellows senior management program.

“No matter how many no’s you get, a yes is around the corner.”

In This Episode:

  • Philosophy behind his company Just Chill
  • Why he dropped out of college
  • The moment when he realized he needed to give up a dream
  • Growing up in the shadow of his father’s success
  • What heart means to him
  • Seeing everyone stressed out at the airport and realizing there was a problem
  • How he got into the Wharton Fellows Program
  • A relentless pursue to understand from other people and books
  • Creating mutually beneficial relationships

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