Nastia Liukin

445: Finish What You Start | Insights from a 5x Olympic Medalist

Think back to the most pivotal moments of your life… What parts of you did you bring forward? Which parts did you hold back? How did these experiences shape your way of being?

These questions lie at the heart of our conversation today with Nastia Liukin, a gold medal gymnast whose name is etched in history for winning the All-Around title at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Beyond her monumental achievements – including tying the record for the most gymnastics medals won by an American in a single Olympic Games with FIVE medals – Nastia’s journey is one of relentless pursuit, resilience, and the courage to redefine success.

In this episode, Nastia reveals the significant moments of her career – from a pivotal conversation with Kobe Bryant that reshaped her self-perception, to the standing ovation that followed what she considers to be her worst performance.

Nastia’s lived experience shows us all how to find meaning and success beyond external achievements. And she continues to walk her talk.

We dive deep into the dynamics of perfection and control, vulnerability, and the power of being present. Nastia’s insights offer a practical guide for embracing the profound impact we have when we can be at home with ourselves, wherever we are.

I’m excited for you to discover new ways to define your own success, respond with courage, and meet the moment.

“Everybody’s going to fall on their face. It’s about how you pick yourself up and keep going. It’s about the struggle, and getting through the struggle.”

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