Some people think about adventure — and others make their life a living adventure.

Nate Boyer graduated high school unsure about his path in life. Looking for a challenge and to make a difference, he made his way to the Darfur region of Sudan to help in the refugee camps. The experience, coupled with his memories of 9/11, inspired him to enlist in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces candidate, and he became one of 11 from his class of 150 to graduate with a Green Beret. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning a Bronze Star for heroism in combat.

Pausing from his military service, Boyer sought his next challenge, trying to walk-on to the Texas football team despite never having played on an organized team because his high school did not sponsor the sport. His tenacity and athletic prowess netted him a spot on the team as a defensive back, but he lacked the skills to contribute during live games. He analyzed the roster, and he saw a potential opening at long snapper. He refined his skill, earning a starting job the past two seasons. Former Texas head coach Mack Brown calls his story one of the most inspirational and unique he has ever seen.

I met Nate Boyer while he was training to make the roster for the Seattle Seahawks as a long snapper.

“The act of giving and seeing the difference that I’ve made makes me feel better than anything else could, than whatever car I drive or how much money I make.”

In This Episode:

  • Appreciating the process
  • Being fueled by negative energy
  • Why you can’t be afraid to fail
  • Looking up to his father
  • Why he got into trouble as a kid
  • The “Blue Collar” way
  • The challenges of giving your children everything or nothing
  • Embracing change and becoming uncomfortable
  • What motivated him to go to Darfur
  • Confidence v. cockiness
  • Having a purpose
  • Why making a difference is important to him
  • Outworking everyone else
  • Utilizing self-talk
  • Training the mind to reject negative thoughts

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