How does someone turn a two-bedroom apartment into the world’s largest hedge fund?

Our guest today – the one and only Ray Dalio – knows. A master of global macro investing, Ray founded Bridgewater Associates and led it to unparalleled heights, redefining financial excellence along the way.

Ray isn’t just a finance legend; he’s a visionary author and a vanguard in idea meritocracy. With bestsellers like ‘Principles: Life and Work,’ he’s influenced minds around the globe. His journey from a finance graduate to a figure on the Time 100 and Bloomberg Markets’ most influential people lists is nothing short of remarkable.

Beyond finance, Ray’s a dedicated family man and philanthropist, deeply invested in ocean exploration and equal opportunity initiatives.

In our insightful chat, Ray breaks down his success pillars: radical transparency, idea meritocracy, and the power of transcendental meditation. He also opens up about loss, failure and how to align your life path to your true nature.

Prepare to dive into a mind that’s navigated the complex tides of global finance with steadfast principles and innovative strategies.

Whether you’re charting your course in business, sports, or any other area, Ray’s insights offer keys to unlock your potential and create a life that resonates with your deepest aspirations.

“Your life’s journey is like a video game: You go for your goals, you have your setbacks, the fighting to succeed creates your learning, your learning builds your skills, you become stronger, and you go on to higher levels.”

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