Scott Perkins

453: Mindful Movement – How Mobility Work Can Transform Your Life

Movement—however you do it—is an essential part of being human. And I believe being able to move well, for as long as possible, is a staple of living “the good life.”

That’s why I am excited to introduce a guest today who is committed to helping people do just that – Scott Perkins. Scott is the Founder & CEO of pliability – a company that is helping people move better and feel better through their yin yoga inspired mobility training. 

However, Scott was not always known as the “fitness guy” – in fact, far from it. In this conversation, we explore his journey from taking college classes at age 12 to starting his first business at 18 to acquiring what is now pliability by the age of 25. However, for the first six years at its helm, Scott was 60 pounds overweight and he was sacrificing his health for what he thought was “success.”

Then… he made a change.

In this conversation, you’ll hear from a person who was grinding, burnt out, overwhelmed, but eventually found a better way – and now, Scott is on a mission to share that way with others. 

I love what Scott and the team at pliability are building – it’s an incredibly important tool that can help a lot of people enable movement for better health and longevity (both physical and mental). 

And – I can’t wait for you to hear the story of a founder whose windy path eventually led him to working from a place of meaning and purpose.

“The concept of movement is intrinsic to being human… The future of mobility work is not just for athletic performance, but also for everyday movement and human functionality.”

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