Seth Godin

436: Lead With Purpose, Create With Intention, and Inspire Change

We all have many great conversations in life – conversations where we learn, explore, express, question – but there are some conversations that stand out among the rest. Conversations so rich with insights and revelation, that they fundamentally change you. They inspire you to be better.

My conversation with Seth Godin was just that.

In this episode, we’re diving deep with Seth, the mind behind 21 best-selling books including The Dip, This Is Marketing, and Purple Cow. His latest, The Song of Significance, has sparked creative revolutions, making him a dual inductee into both the Direct Marketing and Marketing Halls of Fame.

More than his titles, Seth is a master teacher who reshapes how we think about leadership and the art of making an impact. He describes his purpose as “turning the lights on for others” so they can create change.

This conversation is a dynamic exchange on leadership, meaningful work, and the power of meta-awareness. Seth brings his A-game, challenging us to elevate our understanding of connection, creativity, and courage in leadership.

In doing so, he brings out the best version of me so we can disagree, play, learn, and expand together.

He offers us a playbook for anyone eager to make a dent in the universe, and a call-to-action: to lead with purpose, create with intention, and inspire change that echoes.

Ready to be part of the change? Then tune in for a conversation that might just redefine your approach to work – and life.

“Too often we get seduced or indoctrinated into thinking that our job is to do our job. I don’t think that’s really the work. The work is to be clear about who we’re here to change, what we’re trying to change, and how we’re going to do it together.”

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