Imagine a world where you wake up inspired, feel safe throughout the day, and go to bed at night feeling fulfilled by the work you do.

Sounds like utopia, right?

Well, Simon Sinek has not only imagined such a world, but he’s also dedicated his life to making it a reality.

Known for his viral TED Talk on finding your WHY, and his groundbreaking insights on leadership, Simon’s ideas have reached millions. As a best-selling author and founder of The Optimism Company, he’s on a mission to help us all think, act, and communicate better. 

In this conversation, Simon distills his journey into actionable insights on impactful leadership, the power of empathy, and the significance of authentic connections. His work challenges us to re-think modern leadership and shift from traditional success metrics to fostering a culture of service and infinite thinking.

It was an absolute joy to sit down with Simon. I think you are going to love what he has to say, and our back-and-forth on what it takes to live a flourishing, fulfilled life.

I hope this conversation ignites your passion, challenges your thinking, and inspires action toward a more optimistic and impactful world.

“We teach people how to be good at their jobs, and we don’t teach people how to look after other people. And that’s what makes any team or any company great.”

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