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Have you ever felt the overwhelming pressure to be perfect in an imperfect world? To excel in every aspect of life in a society that is constantly demanding more? 

Thomas Curran has dedicated his career to understanding the complex and often elusive personality trait of perfectionism. A professor of psychology at the London School of Economics, Thomas’s research delves deep into the roots of perfectionism – exploring how it develops and its profound impact on mental health. 

His influential TED Talk on perfectionism has garnered over three million views, and his research has reached the pages of esteemed publications like the Harvard Business Review, New Scientist, and CNN – a testament to the urgency of this topic in today’s society.

Thomas is also the author of The Perfection Trap: Embracing the Power of Good Enough, a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper dive into the psychology of perfectionism and the pursuit of a more authentic life.

In this insightful conversation, Thomas and I explore the depths of perfectionism. We unravel what perfectionism truly means, why it’s on the rise in our society, the hidden costs it exacts on our well-being, and most importantly, how we can work with this pervasive force and find a healthier path to personal growth and fulfillment.

“Perfection has a nasty habit of turning our dreams into nothing more than dead ends.”

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