This conversation is with Tu Lam. Tu is a modern day warrior, respected by his peers to have a very special understanding of elite war fighting. Tu shares how he was raised as a warrior.

This conversation will challenge you — as his world view, his spiritual framework and his warrior craft are beautifully complicated and nuanced.

I have an incredibly high regard for those who dedicate their life to noble purposes. There are many ways to live with conviction — ranging from pacifism to warfighting. This conversation will hopefully help you become more clear on your approach to human rights and freedom.

And I’d like to revisit the importance on having clarity on your personal philosophy — to be able to articulate the framework and filter that helps to align your thoughts, words and actions.

Tu has served and fought amongst the most elite units within the United States Military for 22.9 yrs.

Tu recently retired, and is now the Founder, CEO of Ronin Tactics, Inc. where he teaches and develop tactical equipment for our military, Law Enforcement and civilians.

“I believe everything comes full circle. That’s why I chose the path to serve humanity.”

In This Episode:

  • Insight on the purpose of warfare
  • His tough upbringing, born in Saigon in the fall of 1974, right as the US pulled out of the Vietnam War
  • The early tragedy he faced: his family murdered on the streets of Communist Vietnam
  • Fleeing Vietnam on a small, overcrowded boat and watching countless people perish along the way
  • The moment that made him believe a higher calling exists
  • How his mom being a “fighter” rubbed off on him
  • His path to becoming a green beret
  • Why having an open mindset allowed to him to endure prevalent racism & bullying
  • The reason our current western culture has become soft
  • The difference between fighting in sport and fighting for life
  • Coping with boredom and PTSD post-military life
  • Unpacking which types of violence he condones
  • The most effective way to learn
  • His method for refueling his mind

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