Dr. Mike & Lisa Gervais

432: Valentine’s Day Special: Love, Relationships and Growth

What if mastering love is the ultimate high-performance skill? This Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a deep dive into the heart of relationships with two special guests—our host Dr. Michael Gervais and his wife, Lisa Gervais – a creative powerhouse with a rich background in dance, acting, and truth telling.

In this episode hosted by our favorite AMA co-host, O’Neil Cespedes, Mike and Lisa open their lives and their love to us—sharing the joys, challenges, and profound lessons learned on their journey together. From their initial spark to building a foundation of trust and support, they discuss what it means to be best friends with your partner and how honesty paves the way for deep connection.

They don’t just stop at their story; they explore the essence of Valentine’s Day, offer solace and inspiration for those flying solo, and dive into their unique talents – revealing Lisa’s passion for dance and Mike’s unexpected venture into rap and hip hop (you read that right).

This episode is a treasure trove of insights on building a high-performance relationship, navigating life’s ups and downs, and the importance of seeing and accepting each other for who you truly are. Whether you’re in love, looking for love, or celebrating self-love, join us for an open, honest, and vulnerable conversation on the art of mastering relationships of all kinds.

“There’s this incredible feeling when you know a person has your back and is in it with you forever. That is one of the greatest gifts she has ever given me.”

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