Woody Hoburg

413: Finding Mastery Goes to Space, Part 2: Live from OUTER SPACE | NASA Astronaut

For the first time in Finding Mastery’s history, we’re going where few other podcasts have ventured: 

Outer space.

And joining us for this historic and very episode is the remarkable NASA astronaut Dr. Woody Hoburg – tuning in directly from the International Space Station (ISS).

How incredible is that?

This is Part Two of our 3-part series documenting Woody’s epic journey – from Earth to the cosmos and back again. 

Last week, in Part One, we explored Woody’s preparations for this mission – if you haven’t had a chance to check that out yet, I highly recommend you go give it a listen HERE.

And today, in Part Two, he’s providing a firsthand look into life aboard the ISS.

It was a surreal experience to speak with Woody while he was literally floating around his cabin and spinning his microphone in zero gravity – if you can, I’d highly recommend checking this one out on YouTube – the visuals are epic. 

Within the close quarters of the ISS, Woody and his team model an impressive level of excellence in performance and resilience. Their dedication to maintaining solid relationships and open and direct communication is rich with lessons for us all. Especially right now. 

Tune in as NASA astronaut Dr. Woody Hoburg gives us an inside view of life in orbit, straight from the International Space Station! Enjoy the very special second installment of this 3-part series.

“I sometimes wonder whether there’s a tension between preparation and adaptability. And I think space flight is something that requires both of those things.”

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