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Reflection, Gratitude And Beginning A Journey Of Self Discovery

Self discovery is a lifelong journey.

It’s a process we’re all going through all the time – through setbacks and trauma or awareness and introspection – what are you working towards and how are you showing up daily?

Are you building the life you want?

This month at Compete to Create is all about self discovery. We’ll be walking through all of the tools in our arsenal for building awareness of your inner world, how you work, how you relate to others and how you can continuously use this information going forward.

Self discovery can take many different forms – from noticing how you react to something in your environment to uncovering your purpose in life. The greater awareness you have of your inner world, the more your actions can line up with the life you want to create.

How do you get there? By doing the deep work. It’s not easy. It takes time.

Self discovery starts by asking yourself some questions. Really asking yourself these questions and giving yourself the space to let the answers reveal themselves. A single point mindfulness practice can help here. Sit quietly and repeat these questions to yourself. Without judgment see what comes up for you.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What am I doing with my life?
  3. What really lights me up?

The answers to these questions could take a lifetime to articulate. Why not begin today?

Your mindset defines the actions you take every day. These actions ultimately build to everything you’re surrounded by and what your reality looks like. In the next few months, we’ll be introducing trainings for confidence, trust, calm and other tools to carry you through the inevitable setbacks that come from doing the deep work.

We’ll also be touching on gratitude, mindfulness, and actually stepping into how you want to be – rather than simply moving through the motions of everyday to-do lists, tasks and other distractions.

Self discovery takes work, but is also a beautiful avenue for living authentically through life and revealing the wisdom you already possess inside of you. You already have everything you need to make this happen, so let’s begin.

And if you lose sight of this work at any point in your life, it’s always the right time to begin again.

Are you ready to take the next step in your self discovery journey? Learn more about our online course, Finding Your Best.

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